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Wednesday to Saturday: 14h-18h

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Adults: 7.-

Child: 5.-

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+41 (0)21 315 68 80

Medieval Factory

Until 8th January 2017

All ages from 7

In collaboration with Chillon Castle

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Spectacles, paper, wheelbarrows and other medieval inventionsThe Middle Ages is a period of European history between the 5th and 15th centuries. What else do we owe to this time sometimes known as the Dark Ages, other than castles and knights? Although scientific research and progress did not exist as we know it, numerous significant technological innovations did take place during the second part of the Middle Ages. Many of those inventions still make our lives easier to this day. Clear vision thanks to spectacles, writing on paper, finding one’s way thanks to a compass and even transporting materials in a wheelbarrow all have thier roots in the Middle Ages. Some inventions, such as the compass and gun powder already existed in the Far East before being brought to Europe. Nonetheless, the Middle Ages was a more creative period than it often appears to be.

This exhibition is an opportunity to discover some of them by learning about the history and the technology of the inventions, as well as some hands-on experience.


Demonstrations are provided during your visit.


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